Patients Welfare Association (P.W.A.) is the largest and probably the best run student N.G.O. (Non Governmental Organization), based at Dow Medical College and Civil Hospital Karachi. Since 1979, it has provided invaluable services to the patients of Civil Hospital Karachi, which is city’s largest hospital.

Ever since  1979, members of P.W.A. have spread all over the world and participated in improving health in their chosen fields. They have taken so much from Dow and Civil Hospital when they were students. They are now wanting to payback to the institution which made them what they are today. This is a forum to unite them all.

Following section was added on Feb 2, 2019 to include the wording of a resolution passed by PWA 40th Anniversary Meeting held at Hotel Marriott Karachi, where the Board of PWA had pre-approved the foundation of PWA Alumni. Here is the 10 point resolution:

“The gathering also decided to create an Alumni Committee with following objectives and processes:
1. PWA will create an Alumni Committee
2. This committee will work under the leadership of PWA (Board of Directors and Board of Governors)
3. It will have well defined TORs (based on this resolution)
4. It will include previous members, life members and helping hands (donors) 
5. PWA will create a database
6. Members will make regular yearly contributions (non binding but expected)
7. Members will serve as consultants in their respective field when requested by PWA
8. Members will abide by the Code of Ethics and Code of Conduct of PWA
9. There will be yearly meetings (in Karachi. Chapter meetings may take place in other countries)
10. Members will serve link between PWA and other organizations such as APPNA, DOGANA, DOGANE etc. “



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