September 22, 2012

371 Oldam Road, Manchester M40 8EA United Kingdom

Attending: Abdul Rahman-(Chair), Khalid Makhdoomi(87),Mukesh Kumar(94), Farjad Sultan(02), Firasat Khan(96), Zeeshan Aslam(01), Salman Lari(98), Shanil Kadir(01), Ather Hussain(09), Omar Hashmi(07), Faisal Chauhan(99), Shabi Ahmad(01), Saquib Muhammad(91)

Washington Meeting, Hotel Gaylords, Washington DC (July 6, 2012): Abdul Rahman, Hanif sir, Iqbal Jangda, Haleem Javed, Zafar Zaidi, Nadeem Shaikh, Mona Siddiqui, Sarwat Wasim and Shahid Umer.

Karachi Meeting: December 2018

Was held in Marriott Karachi. Was a memorable gathering which laid the foundation of world alumni association. It was also the first formal PWA Alumni Meeting.

Published by Dr. Abdul Rahman

I am a Calgary based physician, interested in developing communities, promoting healthy activities, encouraging youth and women empowerment and their involvement in building of health communities. I believe that racial discrimination is a curse. I believe Canada will be just fine with inclusive communities where every Canadian feels ownership of what belongs here. I believe that our greatest threat is not another country but our own hypocrites and demagogues.

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